Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Comming soon...

I was enjoying a quite moment, which are far to few in my house these days when an idea struck me. I'm a genius; so this happens quite frequently. The idea? A photo a day. One photo, describing one technique I use professionally and how you can do it too. Just one moment in time for each day of a year. I've been working as a professional photographer for ten years now and along the way I have learned a lot, most out of trial and error and long grueling assignments in college. Looking for a new challenge, I thought it would be fantastic to limit myself and see what I could make out of each opportunity. So starting November 1, 2009 I will be on a mission; capture something new, mundane, or somewhere in between, but to do it in a way I've never done before.

As photographers and camera operators alike, so many of us think AFTER pressing the shutter. My goal is to create truly innovative work before I even remove the lens cap, and then execute it with skill and precision.  All images will include a detailed explanation of the process, maybe even a lighting diagram with cute stick figures, and style information to create each photo; that is accessible to photo-geek and layman alike.

Topics will include:
  • Working with natural light
  • Night photography
  • People on location (day and night)
  • Flash in Daylight
  • Cheep substitutes for expensive photo equipment
  • Macro photography
  • Self-Portraiture
  • Wedding photography
  • Painting with light
  • Toy Cameras/Pin Hole Photography
  • Color Balance
  • Panning, motion and blur
  • Enviromental portraiture 
  • Studio photography
  • Still life
  • Expanding your point of view
  • Reflection
  • And 348 other topics yet to be chosen...
Maybe I'll even learn something along the way. You might too. So please, fasten your seat-belts, and follow my blog. See you all November 1.


  1. add to yur list-unusual Point of view, extreem colors, HD at night, adding grunge layers & textures onto photos, making interesting composites, strange shaped crops, shooting a subject you have never tried shooting, having a "photo experimental day" with other photographers, trying paint a photo using either PS filters, painter, or other add-ons, Making a small thing seem Gigantic using just your camera, doing a montage of body parts (perhaps of a baby, or of an animal), or emulating a famous painting with a camera, looking for a modern art style by using just your camera...I could go on and on!

  2. @ Suzanne Gonzalez

    Good list. I'll take every suggestion, 365 days is a lot of blogging!

  3. hi - i came across your 365 via dps and i'm glad i did. you're most generous in sharing - not just your beautiful photos but so much information and extracurricular stuff! i so enjoyed browsing your posts and am thrilled to see that you only started your project in november! that means i haven't missed much and have much to look forward to! just watched julie & julia (was that the title?) about julia child of course - and your blog just reminded me of it. good luck - i'll be reading you!!!

  4. @dutchinny
    Gotta love DPS... Thanks for reading. Haven't seen Julie and Julia but now I think I will...