Thursday, January 28, 2010

Website Update complete!

Caleb pulled a few all nighters but it's done! Our website's update for 2010 is complete. New packages, portfolios, and a more interactive layout have been added. I'd love to know what you think. And please, let me know if find typos or have any issues with navigation. Your comments will help us improve our client's experience. Thanks for checking it out!


  1. When I was looking at the senior portraits stuff I couldn't find a way to get back to your homepage or any other pages without typing in the address again. I like being able to go back to the homepage from anywhere, probably just me though. I like how you have made each have organized the site. Very intuitive and all the information I want it readily available. Very very nice. Great job guys!

  2. @ Cherisse
    I'll mention it to Caleb. Thanks for the review.