Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wedding Portfolio: Narrowing it down

Thanks to anyone that sent me their opinions about what images I should include. I was feeling a little down, so your complements were much appreciated. I've learned a few things from your responses:
  1. The images I expected to be the clear favorites, weren't. That tells me that either I have terrible taste or I like the image for different reasons. I'm guessing it's mainly an emotional connections to the circumstance or I'm proud of making something look good in what wasn't optimal lighting. Neither of those things make any difference to the audience though.
  2. Cliche' must sell for a reason. Overwhelmingly the images that have a cheesy factor or a traditional pose came out on top. This made me laugh since my clients always say "I want something different, more candid shots, nothing traditional or posed." Secret is, the "posed" photos are always the ones they point out to me as their favorites. I think the meaning of this word has changed....
  3. I've oriented my portfolios in the past by theme (ie getting ready, ceremony, reception, portraits). I don't need one from every category. I just need to show the best, whatever it may be. The fact that I can shoot all varieties is understood, customers just want to know that I can take a pretty picture.
And now (drum roll please...) My selections for my wedding portfolio!

Two things: First, I cheated and put three images together in a few spots since the window on the website is longer then it is wide and I want to fill it completely. Second, there is only 26 total images. I could add more if anyone strongly feels I've made an egregious error, but I'm sticking with the "less is more" concept and saying 26 is better then 30. A million thanks again! Yesterday I had over 7 times this many images and I couldn't choose. The help has been invaluable!


  1. The 9th image from the top, in the middle...I love. Love love love. I'm a sucker for vintage!

  2. @ Moriah
    You and Terice would get along great then. That shot is her at her wedding.