Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ages and Stages to Photograph Infants

Sadly enough my son is now old enough that I can't do a lot of the great poses I like to do with brand new babies. The plus? He's smiling at me all the time now and is actually awake once and a while. He'll be two months old in January and he's rapidly approaching those great developmental milestones that are fun to  photograph. I personally think that all infants need professional pictures capturing each phase of their first year and recommend to customers to have portraits at 1 week, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 1 year. Yearly portraits are also important after that. Here's why:

  1. At one week infants still have the "newborn" look, and the ability to sleep through anything. I have great images of babies up to 1 month old in the same style, but overall it's best to capture them before they put on a bunch of weight and/or have a case of baby acne. My son is already up to 13.5 pounds and he was only 8lbs.when he as born. Babies are literally different from day to day.
  2. At three months most babies can hold their heads up well while on their stomachs. They also will smiles those great big baby grins we all love. Additionally they are awake more, but still sleep a good portion of the day so it's possible to get both awake and asleep images in one session.
  3. Six months is when most babies start sitting up well unaided. These are so cute! Some also crawl and/or roll over. I try to catch these new skills in  the session. Oh, they can also reach their toes! Makes for some cute stuff.
  4. Once nine months rolls around many kids are staring to stand up, pull up on things, or even walk for some kids (much to the dismay of their parents!). These make for great full body shots.
  5. And of course 1 year. You can't forget that first birthday. Clients of mine that do all 5 sessions I've listed above all receive a free baby album including 20 8x10 photos as a gift.
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I can't forget, today's image is of Greyson, he was born in early December and is a very fun baby to shoot. Like most babies, he took his time falling asleep but once he did, it was easy to move him around however I wished. For the first shot I took the photo from directly above. The exposure is 1/100 @ F6.3 ISO 200. The key light was my normal background light and the fill is opposite the key with an umbrella for diffusion. Greyson was on an ottoman and I was standing on a chair looking down.

For tomorrow: more of Greyson and discussion on focal length, and quality of light.

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