Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Assistant Photographer(s) Training Manual

My new goal is creating a training manual for all current and future assistant photographers to use when they start working in the studio. I want to create a variety of images on all of our backgrounds to show posing, lighting patterns, and inspire creativity. So I sent out a call for anyone that wants to model for me on Twitter and Facebook and my neighbors across the street were ready to help. From the session today we did a few different backgrounds but my favorite photo is this one.

Set up was simple. Main light on camera left, and background light from camera right. The thing I like about it is the profile position and obscured eyes give it a little bit of mystery.

Here's another one from today.

The second image has the key light in the same position and a very low powered background light that is not directly pointed on the background. I've found that this particular canvas looks best when it's not directly lit. The colors can be overwhelming at times but it worked nicely with his skin tone. Oh and did I mention I love hats? Always a great way to add character and interest to a photo. Both images are shot at 1/200 @f 8. That aperture in my mind in perfect for adult portraits. There is enough depth of field to handle a few people in one shot, but not so much that the background show every wrinkle. If I was to do anything different it would be on the second shot. I would add a small fill card directly below the subject on camera right. The black jacket has no detail, which is okay, but I would have liked a little more information in the shadows.

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