Saturday, November 28, 2009

92 and still kickin'!

This holiday weekend my Grandma, affectionately called GeeGee by her 70 some grand children, was over to share Thanksgiving with us and on Friday I had the chance to photograph her in my studio. I know she felt self conscious in front of the camera. She often mentions, " I don't like to get pictures taken since when I see it  [the prints] it reminds how old I look."

I on the other hand love the look of her wrinkles! They are beautiful to photograph. I know we live in a youth obsessed culture, but I still value age and the wisdom that can come with it. As long as I can remember my Grandma has been a personal inspiration to me. Late in her life she took up painting and is a very talented artist. She raised her four children in lets just say, humbling circumstances, endured two less then perfect marriages, all while retaining her positive outlook on life. She never stopped believing in true love and in her 80's finally found it, only to lose him a few years later to illness and medical malpractice.

While her vision and hearing are growing more dim all the time, her love of family, faith in God, and kind heart never fail. If I could be half the woman she is, I would consider my life richly blessed.

I want to publicly thank her for raising my Mother to be the charitable, family centered person she is. My Mom and I don't always see eye to eye, but we do share the same values, most of which my Mother learned from her Mother. This tradition is one I hope to keep with my own daughter. Some day she'll understand what it means to come from a family with a heritage of strong, noble women. I hope she is as grateful as I am for those that have gone before.

Now for you photographers out there, here's some info on the shot. 

Exposure: 1/250 @ f7.1 ISO 200
The key light was for camera left with just a 7 " bell, no grid or diffusion so I could get a more  textural light on her face. The fill light off of camera right was powered down to 1/3, then shot through an umbrella and bounced off the 8' high white ceiling. A hair light was used for separation off the background with a snoot. To make sure there was no light hitting the background, a black reflector was used to block the key light.

Tomorrow: Alex is back from his hiatous and posing for my Christmas card.

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  1. Oh Irene I love this I need a copy as so will the rest of the family as soon as they see it!! You are great and I love the tibute to GG I agree 100%. I love the thanksgiving pictures too. Thanks for sharing them, you are very talented and I love gleening of your wealth of knowlwdge. Even if I am 3 states away. Love ya Heather