Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What do you want for Christmas?

My husband likes to wait until December 24 to shop for me each year. He does it purposely, because he knows it drives me crazy. He manages to pull a rabbit out of his hat every year though, and I always love whatever he get me. This year though, I have some very specific wants so I'm not leaving it up to chance. Below is my list of things I think every photographer should find under the tree (if they don't have it already). I did my best to keep the items affordable, so please feel free to share this blog with a giant "Hint Hint" to your special someone.

Just for fun I've included a photo I shot of my daughter Audrey meeting Santa for the first time. I love her reaction; classic stuff. Maybe I'm just a mean parent, but I can't wait to show it to her future boyfriends. Between this image and the photos of her in the bathtub, dancing naked in the living room, etc. It should make for one embarrassing evening far in the future.

On to the list!
  1.  Lens Pen Cleaning System : Quick and easy lens cleaning
  2. The Hot She Diaries and other Joe McNally Books : I love Joe's books. You should also try Nikon School DVD's, perfect for those just starting to use flash systems. 
  3. Velbon Shera 600 FR Tripod : Just under $100. I'll probably end up buying something 5-6 times more expensive then this because I'll go to Glazers and they will talk me into something I didn't know I needed, as usual.
  4. Translucent Umbrellas (2 please!) : I break these all the time, so having extras is a good idea. Also check out the light stand and flash bracket adaptor suggested by for a good deal.
  5. Westcott Apollo JS Softbox : Soft boxes are more directional then umbrellas and provide very soft light and shadows. This one works with my Nikon Speedlights.
  6. Snoot Diffuser for SB900 : Makes a great hair or rim light.
  7. Beauty Dish and diffuser for my monolights (1 please): Great for flawless even lighting on location without the worry of wind blowing over a soft box or umbrella. And while you're buying light modifiers, here's a link to the monolight system I use and have trusted for most of my career. (Note to my husband: I can always use a few more of these. I'll even leave my business credit card on your desk, just in case you need it. )
  8. The Vagabond Battery system for my White Lighting set up: I hate extension cords. Need I say more?
There you go Santa! Hopefully some of you readers out there can benift from seeing what kind of gear is out there, it's price and where to get it! I'd love to know what's on your list. Please post links in the comments below!
Tomorrow: Food photography just in time for Thanksgiving, Friday's post will have images from my Thanksgiving with family and tips for shooting as a photojournalist.

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