Thursday, November 26, 2009

Photojournalism: A Thanksgiving in pictures

Today's post is the story of my Thanksgiving. I decided that the best way to capture it would be in the style of a photojournalist. This is the style of photography I use at weddings primarily. Photojournalism is about saying something without words. Telling a story that is honest and insightful. Technical proficiency is required to create great images that also convey a variety of emotions. A photograph becomes more then a snap shot when you can control the light, design the frame, and convey a message about the human experience simultaneously. This ability is what makes a professional photographer an artist in their own right.  And telling stories is the reason I picked up a camera in the first place. So I'm hoping these photos from our Thanksgiving will speak for themselves and share with you the people that I thank God for everyday.

Alexander (my son at 2-1/2 weeks)

Cody (our dog) and Audrey at breakfast

Audrey making rolls for Thanksgiving dinner with me.

 Tyler (left), Caleb (right) and Alex (lower right)

Lego Pirate (left) Tyler (right)

My Father, Terry

 Lyndze, my niece.

 Malorie, my neice.

Left to right: Taylor (Niece), James (Best thing that ever happened to Terice)

Left to right: Katielynn (younger sister), Terice (youngest sister)

(Harry is the only person I know that owns a "Garfield: The Movie" T-shirt and will unashamedly wear it in public.)

Katielynn, Terice, Vonda and Alex

All images were shot with Nikon D300, 16-85mm lens ISO 200. SB900 ans SB 800 speedlights positioned around the room in multiple locations and flash bounced off the ceiling for over all fill. SB900 set to manual full power and SB 800 to TTL +3.0 stops  to create direction and allow for low ISO rating.  Average exposure: 1/80 @ f4.5 .

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